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Roots Mirror
Roots Mirror
Roots Mirror
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Stainless Steel


With its unmistakable design, the vibrant ROOTS Mirror is another addition to the ROOTS Collection.

Like all the other pieces of this collection, it can be made in stainless steel, brass, or copper, with a polished, brushed, or "Industrial Chic" finish.

Combined with the Console Table from the same collection, this piece makes the perfect match and looks great in any space.

This piece is entirely made in Portugal and manufactured in an artisanal way. Every step of the process is carefully executed or supervised by the author in a small workshop context.



93 x 2 x 100 cm | 36,6 x 0,6 x 39,3 in



Glass and polished copper.
Glass mirror and stainless steel.
Glass mirror and brass.
Black glass mirror and high-gloss black lacquered steel.

Glass mirror and stainless steel.



Besides the exquisite selection of materials and finishes and bespoke sizes possibility, Emotional Objects has available a Tailored Department to fulfill all your needs and desires.

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