When our marketer and digital strategist told us that we have to have a blog, we said “no way!”. We are not going to make a blog just to please Google SEO and stuff like that. There are thousands of blogs in that field – “The 10 best interior designers…”; “The 5 top sofas for your living room…”; “The trendiest colours to use in 2020…” – and we don’t want to be another one!

However, after some thoughts, we realize that we have so much to tell people (things that don’t fit the social media networks or the website “normal rules”) and the blog doesn’t look so bad idea after all. As someone said before, only the foolish doesn’t change their minds… 😊

But we have to warn that we are not going to “follow the trends”! This means we are not going to publish just because we have to and we are not writing about Interior Design unless we have something meaningful to say about that. We can speak about something that inspires us; we can have a political opinion about an issue or we can only publish a song we love.

Saying that, what better way to start this by telling you how is going to be the end of Emotional Objects?

Yes, it’s true, we already have our “dead” schedule. The only mystery is the date… we know how, we just don’t know when.


Every time we have an idea for a piece, we give it a number and explore it until its last consequences. Sometimes it’s not feasible, but the idea is not forgotten, just waits until technology catches up. That’s the reason why we have 53 lines drawn in our computer and only 13 produced. (we will come back to this later)

But a few years ago, we decided that Emotional Objects will have an end when we reached the 99th object.  When that happens, we will publish a book – called “99th, obviously – with all the projects produced or not.

People will be able to have Emotional Objects, unless the limited-edition series finished, but no new objects will be made.


Because we can and because everything ends…